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The Trial & Error EP

June 30, 2017

Trial And Error

Trial and Error represents everything that we go through in life. Let’s take dating for example. It might take you a few tries before you find that one person you are compatible with. You might be looking for a new job. Your resume could be sent out over 20 times before you receive a phone call for an interview. Entrepreneurship is no different. If you want to be your own boss you will have to go through multiple processes of trial and error to run a successful business.

Trial and Error
Trial and Error

Over the last few months I have been emphasizing the word “Growth.” “Growth” has been the key to my brand. Without “Growth” there wouldn’t be “Trial & Error.” In order to achieve “Growth” I had to go through multiple processes of trial and error. This included improving my music. I spent the last year and a half recording multiple songs to get my sounds top notch. A couple months ago I gave you “A Growth Story” EP. That was the first phase of music I recorded in that year and a half. “Trial & Error” is the second phase. These two EPs will tie into my full length project “Growth.”

It wasn’t just music I had to improve. In the music industry there are so many parts you have to cover in order to be relevant. It took me multiple processes of trial and error to get my website looking right, writing efficient blog posts, learning how to market, and promoting effectively. I even got a camera and started vlogging. Not knowing what my niche was behind the camera, I recorded over 20-30 different videos until I found something that worked. That is when The Dickhead Rapper was born.

Trial and error is required in all aspects in life, especially if you want to get somewhere. You have to be prepared to fail. The key is to learn from your failures, so next time you try you have a better chance at getting it right. I see too many people afraid to take risks because they are too afraid of failure. Failure is the beauty of growing! It opens up doors and pathways for you! What do you have to lose?

Thank you for riding out on this journey with me, and I hope you continue to do so. Enjoy my new EP “Trial & Error.”

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