Are you trying to figure how to get your mixtape heard? Whether you are releasing a mixtape, album, LP, EP, playlist, etc., every artist will think about this on a daily basis. As I gear up to release my upcoming project “Growth” (I’m not calling it an album/mixtape), I find myself asking similar questions. One question that comes to mind is how many songs should be on this project? You see a common trend in Hip Hop nowadays where artists are releasing albums with just 10-13 tracks (Jay-Z’s 4:44, Mac Miller’s The Devine Feminine, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., Joey Bada$$’s All AmeriKKKan Badass). Whereas back in the day the average rap album would have 18-20 tracks.

Less Is More

This common trend tells us that less is more. Artists are putting out albums with less songs on them to keep the attention of the listener. Realistically, there is so much music out there now that it can be quite overwhelming for the listener. Artists may be including less tracks to keep their listeners engaged. There is an exception with more popular artists. Since more famous artists have a fanbase they don’t really have to follow the less is more rule. They can choose to put on as many tracks as they like (Meek Mill’s Wins And Losses has 17 songs).

What Should An Unknown/Up & Coming Rapper Do?

If you are an unknown artist and you don’t really have a fanbase you should be focused on spreading awareness before you release a whole mixtape. If you drop a mixtape but no one is engaging with you, then you won’t be happy with your results. I think an unknown artist SHOULD follow the less is more rule. I’m not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do though. It’s your art and you should release it the way you want to release it. BUT you have a better chance of getting people’s attention if you upload music in smaller quantities. Try uploading at least one single a month to start off. Then when you feel like you are ready, put out an EP.

Why Does My New Project “Growth” Have 22 Tracks Then???

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“22 songs? Are you crazy!?!?” Okay. Okay. I know I am going against everything I just said, but let me explain. 3 of these tracks are skits, so technically there are 19 songs, which I admit, is still a lot. BUT I have been releasing music for over a year while I was in the process of creating this album. PLUS I put out 2 EP’s this year. While I may not have a huge fanbase right now, I have a number of people that are paying attention to me now that are interested in hearing the project. There’s a difference between the people the drop a mixtape without marketing themselves and build a following than the ones that actually put in the work. It doesn’t matter how small your following is. As long as they interested in you that’s all that matters. A lot of artists forget this. They come on to the scene and expect their full length mixtape to blow up when nobody gives a sh*t about them. Your job is to connect with your fans on a daily basis.

This project represents everything I’ve been through since my last release in November 2015. I dedicated myself to perfecting my craft before I ever put out another official release. As you can imagine I have stacked up a lot of music along the way, so that’s another reason why the track list is so long. There is about another 50 songs that didn’t make it on to this project. Some of these tracks were included in the two EP’s I previously released.


If you are sitting here wondering how to drop a mixtape or how to get your mixtape heard, my advice to you would be to focus on building a fan base. Build your fans on a one by one basis. No one is ever going to start off with 1,000 fans. You have to start from the ground up. You might have a great mixtape, but no one is going to care if they don’t know who you are. Build with people, get them to care about what you do, and then you can start to upload your music and share it with them. If you build up a good rapport with people, they will support you when you drop your mixtape. Even if they don’t like the music they’ll support you because they know you as a person because you shared your personality and connected with them. That’s the key. Show people you are a normal human being just like them and they will connect with you. Nobody wants to be friends with a cocky rapper who’s got nothing going for them.

Growth is now available for streaming and download. Flash Drives are now on sale as well. Click here to get yours: Growth