Credit Cards

Credit Cards! The RFL Countdown Week 3! This week’s beat is “Sweatpants” by Childish Gambino. I had a lot of fun recording this song because I got to get creative.

The Creative Process

Sometimes I like to get comical in my songs and this one is no exception. I envisioned myself going into a Seven Eleven flat broke trying to walk out of there with some free food haha. My credit card is maxed out and I only have a few dollars left on my debit card. While in the store I drink a Coke and eat a bag of Doritos that I do not expect to pay for. To get a free item I claim I am doing a good service because I am holding the door open for an elderly woman.

Law And Order

When things seem not to go my way I proceed to say I am going to sue the store. I threaten to call the health department when I find some ‘sour milk’ when making coffee. The floor seems to be slippery too, and I mention I might fall on my face because of it. I go as far to let them know I have no money and that I wouldn’t mind suing the store to get some money lol.

Call 911!

The cashier knows that none of those scenarios will go down because she knows I will not go through with it. She’s had enough of my nonsense and tells me that she wrote down my license plate number. Since she does not let me have my way I conclude that she must worship the devil. Next I decide to hit on her and obviously this does not go smooth. That’s when she calls the police and I have to flee the scene! The song ends by me stating that I am sick in the head and that I should consider seeing a doctor haha.

For all artists out there I just wanted to say that you don’t have to feel like your limited to your creativity. Just be yourself and let your creative juices flow! Don’t feel like you have to set yourself to an industry standard because your audience will appreciate you for being you.

New videos every Sunday. If there’s any beats you would like to hear me rhyme over let me know!

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