Robbydrew is an aspiring recording artist from Ronkonkoma, New York, based out of Long Island. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Albany things were not working out for him as he was looking for a job. He then started to write to vent about the struggles he was having including student loan debt, scams, and how most jobs he was applying for needed years of experience which he did not have.

Robbydrew fell in love with Hip Hop when he was 14, and he began writing his own lyrics when he was 17. It was not until he was 23 when he started to take his work seriously. He says his music is a lot more grown and mature compared to when he was a teenager, and he believes he has a powerful message to deliver to the world.

After getting in the studio for his first time since he was 24, Robbydrew has not looked back since, and he is currently doing whatever it takes to reach his dreams. He has already released two projects, “Post College Syndrome” in January 2015, and “Common Hour” in November 2015. Both projects focus on his life after graduating college. Robbydrew uses “post college life” as his niche because he believes that thousands of people go to school that are unable to get a job and wind up in major student loan debt. He targets these people because that is what he goes through and believes he can reach a lot of people with his message.

Currently, Robbydrew is in the middle of finding himself and his sound. He intends to significantly increase his musical productivity, and plans on making as much music as he can until he gets to where he wants his sound to be. Besides being able to write his own songs, he has discovered he has the skill to create and edit his own music videos. He has also performed at multiple live shows including open mics and showcase competitions.

With no management team behind him, he solely handles all marketing, promotion, and website management. He will invest in any information he can get his hands on that will get him recognized in the music industry. Robbydrew is definitely an artist to look out for.